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Our Services:



HMO Management - 10% + VAT of rent collected - £125 + VAT Letting Fee

  • Full property marketing including professional photos. – We advertise your property on our tried and tested platforms. Our main advertising streams are on our website, via our Facebook page and using paid ads to showcase your property to as many people as possible. We also use Instagram and through advertising boards. Our best advertising methods are through tenant referrals and previous tenants returning to us.


  • Rent Collection – We will collect your rent from the tenants and produce a monthly statement to you, our statements are clear and concise as show rent collected and deducted maintenance costs all in one place. We collect rent via Direct Debit or tenants pay via our website/bank account.


  • Rent arrears – we check for missed rent payments daily and have an in house system for issuing rent demands, notices and doing tenant visits weekly. We arrange payment plans and have a robust system for making sure any tenants who have missed rent are monitored closely. Tenants who don’t pay, don’t stay and will be issued their notice promptly.


  • Dealing with any tenant issues – often in HMOs, as there are more people living under one roof we occasionally come across tenant disputes. We are well trained and gave plenty of experiences to resolve these issues with out involving you as a landlord unless absolutely necessary.


  • Maintenance – tenants report any repairs online via our website, we monitor this hourly and will update you with any issues and arrange prices and quotes where necessary. We will also deal with urgent repairs on your behalf to protect your property from further damage.


  • Repeat maintenance – We have a full in house team that deals with anything from weekly cleaning to gardening and rubbish build ups to oven cleans. We make sure your property looks at its best to help keep good tenants or attract new tenants when needed.


  • Inspections – We do regular inspections of your property to make sure it is HMO compliant, we understand the minefield of legislation that is surrounding the rental of your HMO and ensure that they are kept up to date and compliant for rental by visiting regularly.


  • Legislation & Certification – Running a HMO is far more complicated then a BTL when it comes to tenant management and Legislation. We are HMO experts and have a great working relationship with the local HMO Department at Doncaster Council. We will try and solve any issues that arise on your behalf but we also make sure all your safety certificates are kept on top of annually to make sure you meet those safety standards every year.


  • Other Services: We can also help you set up your utility accounts, including Virgin, Water, Gas & Electric and work closely with a utility broker to help you get the best deals. We charge a small fee for these services but it saves you time and energy with dealing with these issues!









Below are some frequently asked questions, this section will be updated regularly with common questions i come across. 





Landlord FAQs


Welcome to Kimcoh Properties, and thank you for considering us as your lettings agents!

Below I have complied a list of frequently asked questions and queries that I often get asked about the running of HMOs and the way we do things at Kimcoh Properties.


Our main aim is to get your HMO rooms let out, to decent folk who pay their rent and don’t cause too many problems along the way. The Doncaster HMO market is an unusual one, and we’ve spent many years getting to grips with running not only properties but managing tenants and all the ups and downs they bring to us on a daily basis. However, with the right attitude towards investing, and realistic expectations there is still very good money to be made!




Q. What kind of tenants rent rooms in Doncaster?


A. Our main tenant types are blue collar workers, eastern European or British and usually men. They are attracted to the HMO all bills included market because of the convenient nature of rooms. They don’t have to worry about paying bills separately and buying furniture. A house is a big commitment for someone who is not on a permanent contract, travels around the country for different jobs or for someone who gets paid weekly.


Q. How do they pay the rent to you?


A. Rent is paid weekly in advance, sometimes monthly or 4 weekly depending on how the person gets paid. We encourage all tenants to set up direct debits with us but will also accept bank transfers and card/cash payments directly into our office. This is due to the types of bank accounts as some don’t accept DD and also for budgeting reasons some tenants like to deal with cash, especially the eastern European tenants.


Q. Why do you not charge the tenants bonds?


A. Although there is a strong demand for rooms in Doncaster there is also a lot of competition, with the experience we have gained over the years we have realised its better to be able to have a high occupancy rate then put people off with high move in fees.


Q. Why do you use weekly licences over ASTs?


A. We understand that many landlords like the security of 6 Month ASTs, however after running a large single let portfolio for many years we have discovered that if a tenant is going to leave, without notice, they will unfortunately just leave. This is also even more true for HMOs, because of the transient nature of warehousing and distribution jobs, if a tenant has a new job in a different area, despite the kind of tenancy agreement they are signed up too, they will up and leave because the repercussions of leaving without notice are not as severe as them not taking better, or more suitable employment in a different area.

We saw this as an advantage when we first started, by offering shorter contract lengths it gave more flexibility to the tenant and therefore we have fast become the biggest HMO agents in Doncaster. It is also about the psychology around signing up to longer period tenancy, if the tenant isn’t paying the rent or if they are causing problems with in the house hold, we simply ask them to leave, and because of the less committed nature of a licence agreement, 99.9% of the time they do without any fuss. If they had a 6-month tenancy agreement, they are much more likely to refuse and cause further rent arrears and potentially force other tenants out of a house, which in turn loses you even more rent.

In the grand scheme of renting out rooms, ultimately long occupancy is more cost effective, and this is why we also prioritise getting rooms turned around a re let so to minimise any losses of rent during gaps in tenancies.


This being said our average tenancy length is 6 months so license's don’t always mean very short term occupants, they simply mean more flexibility for both landlord and tenant, which in turn means rent arrears are kept low and problematic tenants can be dealt with in an efficient way.


Q. Why do you recommend a 2 weekly clean of the communal areas?


A. Keeping a HMO well maintained is key to happy tenants, and happy tenants are good for business! It also helps us keep an eye on the property as it means we are regularly entering the communal areas and so problems such as build up of rubbish and safety issues like fire alarms can be monitored more easily. It is also a big selling point when it comes to finding tenants as it reassures them that the landlord cares about the property and the tenants home and well being, making it a nicer place to live.


Q. What about exterior maintenance of the property as why is it a good idea?


A. Again, this is about making sure the house doesn’t become run down, we recommend a window cleaner once a month a garden maintenance be kept on top of. There is nothing more off putting to a potential tenant looking around a house that looks unloved  from the outside. It gives the impression that the landlord/letting agent doesn’t care for the house and will not deal with potential maintenance issues and problems quickly in the future.


Q. What if a tenant leaves and owes some rent?


A. Occasionally a tenant just ups a leaves with out and prior notice or warning. Unfortunately this is a part of renting rooms in Doncaster, there is a small percentage of tenants who do this and don’t understand the importance of letting us know, even if its only a few days’ notice. When his situation arises our main priority is to get your room re-let with as little void period as possible. I do not believe in chasing a tenant for a weeks rent, it is not cost effective and the time and energy is often wasted with little to non financial gain. This being said, if ever a tenant returns to us (which occasionally happens) with any sort of rent arrears, including the notice period, we do not rent another room to them until the previous debt is paid off. We will also attempt to collect any outstanding money via DD if they have signed up to this form of payment method with us.


Q. How do you deal with repairs?


A. If an urgent repair is reported to us we will go head and get it sorted immediately. This includes any sort of safety equipment issues, fire safety problems or loss of heating and hot water. The reason we do this is because we have a liability as does the landlord to act quickly on anything that may cause harm to any tenant. As there is often more then one tenant effected during these types of maintenance issues we understand the importance of dealing with them quickly and efficiently. We do have a dedicated repairs manager who will also liaise with you over exactly what is happening in your property, Vicky will arrange quotes, keep you updated so you aware at every step of the way. When a non urgent repair is reported you will receive an email letting you know what has been reported and what kind of action is needed, this may just be for you information but it may be that information from your self is needed. We understand some landlords/landlady's want a totally hands off service, at the time of signing up we can discuss the levels of involvement and contact you want.





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