Covid 19 - How its effected business!



Covid-19 is the word of the year, its been difficult for everyone during this pandemic, the worry, the change in routine, the isolation and the loss of livelihoods and the worry of being forced to close our businesses has taken it toll on the whole country.


During lockdown 2.0 we’ve been fortunate enough to be one of the industries to be able to stay open. We’ve had to change the way we work, but this has been positive in many ways, some of the things we’ve changed are:


  • Reduced access to the public – we’ve done this by transitioning as many tenants as possible to online payments by either Direct Debits or through our online payment portal. This has made tracking and chasing rent payments easier as its all online and much easier to process and keep on top of missed payments!


  • We’ve invested massively in PPE- we want prospective tenants visiting our offices to feel as safe as possible, we’ve got screens on every desk, bucket loads of hand sanitisier and we are reducing the numbers in the office by having a locked door policy, with a maglock fitted and a door bell system.


  • Due to the pent up demand that’s occurred, as well as the increased demand on distribution centers (which are a high percentage of tenant demographic) the rooms market has gone mad! We have literally run out of rooms, we’ve had our best lettings month in the last 2 months of this year. We could let your rooms and houses, especially in the town center and close by, with in a couple of days in this current climate, with working tenants paying averagely £100 per week for en-suite rooms.


  • We have also had the time to assess some bottle necks within our business and we are always striving to improve everything we do.  


Overall lockdown hasn’t been too detrimental to our landlords and the HMO market, although the country has been shut for 3 months this year, its come back with a flying start!


If you have a HMO in Doncaster and are looking for a proactive letting agent, we really need your properties!


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